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Theology & Counselling Course Leader and Lecturer in New Testament and Hermeneutics
MA (Cantab) M Litt (Bristol) PhD (London)
Leading the Theology and Counselling programme at LST has been a huge and life-changing privilege for me. I never expected to end up in counselling. For many years I was a pastor and a biblical scholar, with a PhD in New Testament (John's Gospel), and I really enjoyed teaching New Testament, Greek and Hermeneutics (the theory of interpretation). Then God zapped me with an emotional crisis that shook me to the core, and left me bewildered about the relationship between my faith and spiritual life, on the one hand, and my emotions on the other. The two seemed to be on different planets.

But I never lost the sense that the Lord was with me, however bewildering things became. His presence became more real. One of the strangest things was that I became the Programme Leader for Theology and Counselling in the middle of the crisis, not when I'd found the answers. So I now know how OK it is, to be thrown in the deep end, to be weak, to feel lost and not to know - strangely, God seems to prefer that for us.

It soon became clear that I was going to have to train as a counsellor, as part of this strange journey that I was on. So I began to experience for myself what we put our students through, on our course. I trained as a psychotherapist at the Metanoia Institute in Ealing. Some way into the training, I was asked to make a presentation about our T&C course to the LST Board of Governors, and found myself saying that, compared with counselling training, writing a New Testament PhD was a doddle!

But it was still fantastically worthwhile. Does God promise us a quiet life? Absolutely not. I'm thinking of the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11 who "through faith conquered kingdoms ... shut the mouths of lions ... faced jeers and flogging ... persecuted and ill-treated ..." - well, counselling training wasn't quite as bad as that, but it was certainly God taking me out of my comfort zone and into a new and strange landscape: the world of my own psyche (and, eventually, that of counselling clients too). But what a blessing!

Now it's my passion to work at the theological integration of biblical and psychological perspectives on human beings and the life we live, here on this glorious but groaning planet. I feel that my ancient passion for Hermeneutics has come full circle, and has been immeasurably deepened through counselling training. So has my love for the Lord, and for the Scriptures. These are the passions I want to pass on, through our T&C programme at LST.


Course Leader / Counselling Lecturer
Irene (known as ‘I’) has worked at LST since 2006 both as a visiting lecturer and as a seconded CWR lecturer/ tutor on the Counselling and Theology programme. But she now joins the LST staff as course leader for the MA in Integrative Psychotherapy MAIP.
Irene worked for 20 years within the NHS and has a Masters Degree in Health Management. In 2002 she studied at LST / LBC as a Counselling and Theology undergraduate student, and shortly after gaining her degree was invited to tutor at LST.
Irene is currently studying for a Masters in Attachment Studies as a pathway to doctoral studies with the focus on attachment to God. She is married to John, and has three almost human cats. She enjoys reading, quality time with friends, travel and occasionally being mischievous!


Theology & Counselling Certificate Associate Year Coordinator and Lecturer in Counselling
BA (Brunel)
Kirsty is one of our lecturers and Associate Level 4 Leader of our unique Theology and Counselling program. Teaching the Skills Module, Kirsty takes our students through the process of what it involves to be with people in their pain, hardship and confusion.

A member of the Student Pastoral Support Team, Kirsty works closely with her colleagues to care for our students across all programs.    

As well as being a graduate of LST, Kirsty has a background with working with vulnerable people groups, including the homeless, those with mental health problems and addictions. She currently volunteers for a local counselling service.

Beyond work, Kirsty is a mother of three young children who teach her much about patience and grace!

In rare moments of spare time, Kirsty enjoys attending concerts of varying musical genres, watching crime dramas and is a keen cook. Most of all she relishes nights in with her husband and friends that involve chat, yummy nibbles and drinks.


Theology & Counselling Degree Level Tutuor and Lecturer in Counselling
BA (Middx) MSc (Hertfordshire) MA (Buckinghamshire)
Andre is employed by CWR and seconded to LST as a third-year tutor and lecturer on the Theology & Counselling course.
Andre's first training was as a psychiatric nurse. Most of Andre's career has been in the mental health field, working with social services, adolescent units and more recently managing an eating disorders unit. Andre has trained as a psychotherapist and started a successful private practice, studied theology and was ordained to the Anglican ministry as a voluntary curate.
Andre's research interests are in the fields of addiction psychology and the influence of narrative on identity formation and relational systems.


Level 2 Course Leader & Lecturer in Counselling
Cert Ed (Bristol) BA Hons (Middx) MSc (Middx) Clinical Diploma integrative Psychotherapy (Metanoia Institute) MUKCP  MBACP (Accred.) MACC
Originally trained as a teacher, Lyn has spent many years using her skills in the world of education - teaching, training and developing a variety of age groups. She and her family spent 8 years working for a mission agency in Nepal where she was involved with the education of ‘Miss Kids’. She also helped found, support, train and staff a Christian school and hostel for Tibetan refugee children connecting with Tibetan leaders in the local camps.
Her training in counselling, on returning from Asia, was inspired by the needs of returning missionaries and the apparent lack of qualified support on the mission field. She is now a BACP accredited counsellor and UKCP psychotherapist with her own practice and specialises in bereavement counselling and trauma.


MA in Integrative Psychotherapy Course Leader and Lecturer in Counselling
BA Hons (Reading) MSc, PPDip (London Metropolitan)
Janet is the course leader for the new MA in Integrative Psychotherapy. She is a Chartered Psychologist accredited by the British Psychological Society and has worked in the public sector with children and adults. She currently runs her own private practice and is researching spirituality in psychotherapy.
Janet is also involved with training GP Registrars and teaches psychology as a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Reading. As well as working with youth in her local church, she enjoys photography and music.

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